First Steps

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So I have a sewing machine and some scissors and I need a project.

I got a really basic a-line skirt pattern – New Look 6843 and some fabric – shown above

The envelope says it can be made in an hour, its 4 pieces and a zip, so it should be the easiest thing in the world, right? I have looked at pictures of skirts other people made from this pattern and their comments on it, I have been reading a LOT of blogs about sewing so I am surely very prepared.

I cut the pattern in a size slightly larger than my usual size, but when I cut the waistband and try to wrap it round my waist I find it is quite a way too small, so I have to cut a larger waistband and will have to try to cut the fabric a bit bigger than the pattern pieces I already cut in order to match it. The version I was going to make also looks very short, luckily I hadn’t cut off the bottom bit of the pattern. I am feeling disspirited already. I read several posts about the importance of checking your actual measurements against the pattern envelope, which I have totally failed to do.

I obsessively measure my grain line against the selvages. Then I realise I have the fabric right side up and it should be wrong side up, so I start pinning again. I have a large pattern which I think will be OK but actually I have no idea how to match it.

Eventually I cut and finally I have a pile of pieces, this has already taken more than an hour and I don’t really know if the resulting skirt will fit me and I begin to appreciate that this is not going to be as easy as I thought.

But I am excited to be starting to make something – so far – including the sewing machine – I have spent no more than a new skirt from White Stuff would have cost me and it can only get better from here – right?

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