Making a muslin


Finally selected Simplicity 1873 – I am going for view B – I loved this version of it

I have never done a muslin before – but it makes sense – for the dress for my daughter I wanted to get the bodice right as it is quite fitted and I want her to be able to wear the finished article. I bought a piece of fabric to make the muslin but decided I loved it too much to waste on a practice top – part of it is now becoming my first Colette Sorbetto!

So I got a fairly horrible cotton duvet cover from a charity shop and started – first attempt looks good across bust but is too tight at waist – again I have failed to match up measurements with pattern size so I graded out to the waist and added a little more length in the bodice and cut the neckline deeper as it was tight against her throat. Made a whole other version (muc faster this time) – still needed a little more at the waist – I didn’t have the zip sewn in but pinned the seam allowance for it so I hope that works

Finally I have two new pattern pieces for the bodice and we are ready to cut the real fabric – a kind of embroidered white broderie anglais – the emroidered pattern gave me nightmares when pinning out as I was trying to keep it straight across the skirt pieces and back and front bodice…

Next week I will start to get it put together and we can see if my re-drafting has been successful or not…

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