First two skirts

So i have now made two skirts using New Look 6843


My first version was the A line style and initially I was worried that it would be too small – the waistband seemed really small and so I ended up cutting the skirt a size bigger. In fact it is slightly too big! But – I love it because it is the first thing I have made and I am super pleased that I made the effort to line it and I don’t think the lack of pattern matching is a huge problem. I have worn it to work twice – the pattern is a great basic skirt and I think I will make this style again in a size smaller and maybe in a slightly lighter fabric – I love the pattern but I feel as if it is slightly too ‘sticky out’ at the sides?

I was so happy with my first attempt that I wanted to make another one immediately so I decided to try the straight skirt


I got a light linen and the most gorgeous scrap of spotty teal satin for the lining, went for the next size down and changed the walking slit to the centre back instead of side. I am really happy with how it turned out – I have noticed that I could tweak the shape at the sides – it sort of sticks out slightly over the top part of my hips – I think my widest part is slightly lower than the pattern expects – so that is something to look at next time (I’m sure there will be a next time – it’s an ideal shape for skirts for work and straightforward to make)

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