Everything in progress – nothing finished

I feel as if I have been stuck for weeks in the middle of several stalled projects, which has been getting me down

The dress for my daughter – Simplicity 1873 – got stalled due to fit issues (despite two muslins of the bodice..) Today I finally decided that I will finish it if it kills me and I made the centre front darts a bit narrower to let out the waist a little bit more. I need to fit it on her again – I already know that the back is too wide across the shoulders but I will just take that off the zip seams. Once that is done then there isn’t too much more to do – except a lot of hemming!

I made a muslin for the Hawthorn Sewalong over a week ago but have only just cut out the fabric for the final version today – the muslin came together really easily and I decided to give myself a tiny bit more ease at the waist but apart from that no changes required. I was keen to get going but I don’t have the right interfacing so I have marked the darts and folded it all away for now.

I have suceeded in completing one project though – the most basic refashion ever – I have had an old skirt in the back of my wardrobe for about a hundred years – a lot like thisImage

Today I wanted something short and comfortable so I just chopped it off above the knee – I have a new skirt which I love and at least I can say I completed one project this weekend!

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