The Silver Hawthorn (finally)


So the sew along finished weeks ago and every one has been showing off their gorgeous Hawthorns, but it has taken me a while to get finished.

I am really pleased with the finished dress which is definitely the hardest thing I have made to date, mainly because of the collar and facings and the buttonholes – which stalled me for weeks while I gathered courage and practiced!

I went for the sleeveless version (3) and made a 6 at the bust grading out to 8 at the waist/hips. I used a silver grey linen. I wore it all day before taking pictures so it is a little crumpled.

I probably could have done a SBA but it wasn’t a major issue so I decided not to. After making the muslin I decided to add a little more space at the waist and cut it slightly larger than 8, but when it was finished the bodice was too loose and looked a bit sad and shapeless so at the last minute I unpicked the waist at the side seams and took about an inch and a half off each side – adjusting the size from just under the arm right down to the widest part of hip – it fits so much better now and I am pleased I did it despite the extra work.

The things I don’t love – I think my interfacing was a bit too crispy, I don’t like how it feels on the collar, it made the collar/facings feel a bit bulky in places and it doesn’t lie completely flat at the back despite being slip stitched down at the side seams. My buttonholes weren’t as bad as I feared in the end – my machine was chewing up step 3 of its 4 step button hole so in a flash of inspiration I ended up doing step 1 and 2 twice and moving the fabric around to join it all up. I only had to unpick two which wasn’t too bad!

The things I do love – I put bias binding around all the facings, armholes and waist seam so it looks incredibly neat inside, I love the buttons I found and I love the shape of the waist which works well for me and the general swinginess of the skirt!


I wore this dress to work and someone commented on it and I got to say ‘I made it!!!’ – I almost fell over from the excitement!

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  1. That is a very beautiful dress! You should feel MEGA proud of yourself.


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