Thinking about autumn

It’s almost back to school time (who knew you were meant to order the blazer by 1st August in order to make sure you have it for the start of term..) and so I am feeling the seasons changing and wondering what I want to make next

I am trying to think practically about the season ahead and also to focus on basic items that are achievable at my current skill level (fairly competent beginner?). Also I have lost some weight this year and a lot of my clothes no longer fit – which is a nice problem to have – so I need to think about things I need for work

So I am thinking of the following:

Trousers – hoping to join in pantsapalooza and make Sewaholic Thurlows. I really like the pattern and I have the wide hip/narrower waist thing going on which means that I rarely get a good fit on RTW trousers (and so don’t actually wear them very often) – but this is going to be a challenge for me in terms of skills required (I am going to skip the welt pockets but that still leaves the fly front and getting it to fit properly). I will try the shorts as a muslin first and I am thinking of a heavy black linen for the actual trousers.

Skirts – I am probably just going to stick to New Look 6843 which has been super straightforward to sew and fits fine. I am a huge fan of White Stuff clothes so I want to make a couple in really cute prints – I love fabrics like this or this – but I am not certain about buying fabric online so I either need to wait for a trip to London or get swatches (or get lucky with abakhan remnants). I also have a Grainline Moss to finish.

Tops – I have been trying to decide between Sewaholic Renfrew and Maria Denmark’s Birgitte – people seem to love both and they both offer a range of options so hopefully I can make a few in solid colours. i am trying to get my head around different weights of jersey for this and trying out some different options

Dress – I am definitely going to have another go at BHL Anna dress following my first fail – still feeling undecided about a safer fabric though. I may make another Hawthorn with sleeves and I would like to make a knit dress – either Cake Patterns Tiramisu or maybe Maria Denmark Audrey Dress

I know I won’t get all of this done before spring – and in a fantasy world with more time, budget and skill I would add a coat and some shirts, but I don’t think they will happen

And inevitably I will get distracted by shiny new patterns and make some entirely different things but I guess that is part of the fun

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Becky says:

    Glad to hear you’ll be joining in! I like the Renfrew, personally, but I haven’t tried the other pattern yet. I’m also just about done my first Tiramisu. The fit needed some tweaking up top, but I think it’ll turn out nice in the end. You’ve got an ambitious list, good luck with it!


    1. mrszandstra says:

      Thanks Becky

      I will have to see how far I get! I downloaded the Birgitte pattern from Maria Denmark and I have fabric to try that and my Thurlows so I am good to go!



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