Completed Thurlows

thurlow combined

So after all the pain of working on my Thurlow’s muslin I was really hoping that I could just cut up the final fabric and stitch it all together and it would be perfect and quick.

Sadly not… I had changed the back on the pattern without further testing which may have caused problems and I probably hadn’t completely sorted the fit anyway.

The good news is that the fly front and zipper were completely fine and I didn’t have any problems and I made life easier by skipping the welt pockets – the only change is that I used a longer zip than the 4 inch specified and just cut it down a bit so I would have plenty of space when getting into the trousers. I did find that one of my waistband pieces wasn’t quite long enough and looking at other posts it seems this is a problem that others have had.

But – when I came to the centre back seam I needed to take it in by a lot more than I expected at the waist which in turn pulled the darts too far into the centre so they looked odd – I eventually decided to unpick the waistband in order to move the darts further out again. This brought me back to the problem of trying to adjust fit by looking over my shoulder in a mirror – not a good idea. Somehow my new darts ended up making little sticky out tent shapes across the back – not a very appealing look! I wish I had taken a photo – it looked ridiculous and I don’t really know how I managed to create that effect.

thurlow detail

At this point I gave in and recruited help – I work in a theatre so I went to see our fabulous Head of Wardrobe who pinned it all neatly in about two minutes – made the darts a bit longer and narrower and somehow made it all look neat and fit much better.

So I finally have a pair of trousers which are pretty wearable – I actually like them better seeing the pictures than I did trying them out and I think I will wear them (though it may already be too cold for linen trousers as it has taken me SO LONG to finish these).

And what have I learned? Once again I have found that I struggle as soon as I hit a fitting problem. I need to find a way to learn more about fitting problems and how to correct them and how different changes affect the finished clothes – I think I know some basics of techniques and how to sew but I don’t have a clue about how to fit. I am probably going to take it easy for a little while and make some less demanding projects.

But – I am so pleased that I kept going until I finished – I wanted to just put it away and start a new project but somehow I couldn’t bring myself to do that which is why it has been so long since I last posted!

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  1. sewexhausted says:

    I think they look stellar. Nice work! The main reason I have not started mine is because with my shape I KNOW it is going to be a ton of work… On the other hand I know when its done I am good to go! So, its just a matter of starting. SIGH ~Laurie


    1. mrszandstra says:

      Thank you so much! I’m liking them more now – the process was such a nightmare it put me off them! It may be a while before I try trousers again though…



  2. Becky says:

    Congrats on finishing! I’m sorry that it was such a pain in fitting, but the end results look great. And now that you have it worked out, hopefully any future pairs will go much easier!


    1. mrszandstra says:

      Thanks Becky – I never would have done this if not for Pantsapalooza so it was totally worthwhile! I may not try again for a little while but I know I can do it if I put my mind to it!



  3. You’ve done an amazing job on fitting these, your perseverance paid off. I have just run scared from pants/trousers, but do want to sew them at some stage. Have a read of this blog post, she’s very experienced and acknowledges the difficulties in fitting pants


    1. mrszandstra says:

      Thank you so much for saying that! I’m glad I kept going until I had something wearable – the post you linked to is really interesting – I felt helpless because I didn’t know how to achieve what I wanted – it makes me want to understand more about fitting and how to alter patterns so I am going to look out for classes next!

      After I sew something nice and easy!


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