Plantain with elbow patch love!


After the trauma of my failed Lola dress – which went on for quite a  while – and even longer by the time I took a picture of it and finally blogged it – I wanted a quick and easy project. So weeks and weeks after everyone else, I made a Plantain!

You can’t really have missed the Plantains – this is a free pattern from Deer and Doe. I really want to try their Sureau dress but haven’t got to it yet. So many people have made a Plantain and loved it – some of my favourites include deer shaped elbow patches at House of Pinheiro, mixed prints at ScruffyBadgertime, over-sized tunic at Banyan Tree and a contrast yoke at Handmade by Heather B.

I didn’t hack the pattern or do anything different at all – I just downloaded it, made the body about 2 inches longer and sewed it up using the fake overlock stitch on my machine. I used a soft knit fabric which is a bit thicker than t-shirt fabric – has some stretch but not a lot. The fit works really well on me – close fitting round the bust and loose at the hip, so I am thinking I will try one of their dresses soon.

My very favourite thing though is the elbow patches! When I first saw the pattern I really couldn’t see the point of them and I was going to skip them – because who needs elbow patches? But then so many people included them and made a feature of them and commented on them! I have a stripy knit fabric which went really well with my grey fabric so I used a piece of that and sewed them on using the applique stitch on my machine. I love the elbow patches so much – they make me happy whenever I wear this top and I want to show them to people and explain that elbow patches are a thing! Possibly elbow patches aren’t a thing (I wouldn’t say I am particularly knowledgeable about fashion) but if not they definitely should be!


I have worn this top a lot – it is my favourite weekend top for wearing with jeans. I wore it yesterday and then again today even. It is a really easy basic top – but with elbow patches! How cool is that?

I know everyone else has already made at least one of these – does anyone not love the elbow patches? What other over-looked design feature might be due for a come back…?

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  1. Carolyn says:

    I don’t know if elbow patches are a “thing” either, but they do look cute on this top. 🙂


    1. mrszandstra says:

      I know – they make me really happy! I made other knit tops but I love this one the most!



  2. Now that the weather is cooling down here, I’m adding a Plantain to the top of my must make list. They look so comfortable and everyone has added their own style to them.


    1. mrszandstra says:

      I love this top – the shape is great for me – we are getting towards summer so I am thinking if a lighter weight one with short sleeves!


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