I’m in – are you?

I started sewing again at the beginning of June last year so I was discovering lots of blogs just as everyone was wrapping up Me-Made-May 2013 – it was really interesting to see so many people taking part and commenting on each others makes and of course admiring all the fabulous clothes people had made – it was a fantastic introduction to the whole world of sewing.

Now a year on I can finally join in which is really exciting – I just need to work out how much of a challenge I want to give myself!

I haven’t had a huge output so far so I don’t think I can realistically commit to me-made every day (I think people would soon get very bored of seeing me repeating the few things that I can wear).

Another issue is that I gained some weight earlier this year and a few things that I made last year don’t fit me anymore which is really annoying – the good news is that I can make some new things that do fit but I haven’t got started on that yet.

I am also aware that I have got behind on blogging and have been making a very random collection of things – some of which I get a lot of wear out of and others not so much! I am following along with Wardrobe Architect but I haven’t yet worked out what I need to sew to make a coherent wardrobe that will get regular wear.

These are all things that I want to focus on for Me-Made-May, so I am going to commit to a couple of things

1. I will wear me-made items four times a week

2. I will complete three basic items to increase my wearable me-made wardrobe

3. I will blog weekly on how I am doing and what I am learning from the process

I am really excited to be finally joining in and checking out what everyone else has made!


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