Hepworth Dress

hepworth front2

A few weeks ago the independent pattern company Sinbad and Sailor released a new pattern – the Hepworth Dress. Rachael at House of Pinheiro made a version of this dress  as well as Sew Busy Lizzie and I really loved both


I am normally fairly cautious and like to see what lots of people have done with a pattern before committing and I can also be a bit slow and end up finishing a sew-along months after everyone else (hello – Hawthorn). This time the combination of this dress being exactly the silhouette I love and a bank holiday weekend meant that I downloaded the pattern straightaway and got started! Actually there were the extra steps of our printer breaking, me deciding to go out and buy a new printer, coming back and setting up the new printer and then getting started.

So the pattern is a classic fitted bodice and flared skirt, I really prefer a flared to a gathered skirt as I have hips and this looked as if it would be fairly straightforward. I love the By Hand London Anna dress but I have struggled with it every time I have made it – part of this is the number of panels on the skirt – if you get a couple of them slightly out of place then none of the lines match up on the bodice (ask me how I know this…). The Hepworth just has darts front and back and I thought I could manage them a bit better.

hepworth side

I was very good and made a muslin to test the bodice fit – I decided to lengthen the bodice a bit before starting as I compared it to other patterns I have and it came up a bit shorter – this looked fine on the muslin. The bodice muslin fitted apart from a bit of extra fabric across the bust so I took a small wedge out of the princess seam piece and this worked perfectly.

I made the dress out of a lovely lilac linen. The fabric is probably a little heavier than the pattern recommendation as it was a slightly thicker linen but it had a lot of drape and the colour was gorgeous so I went for it. I used more of the linen for the facing and this was possibly a mistake as I struggled with the step where the zip is sandwiched between the facing and shell fabric and a light lining fabric is recommended.

hepworth back2

It took a little bit of unpicking to get my darts and side seams matched up exactly, but I am pretty much there I think!

After I had added the skirt I found that actually adding two inches to the bodice length wasn’t necessary – the dress is designed to sit a little higher and it was pooling a bit at the waist seam – I have reduced the extra length for my next attempt.

I did add 4 inches to the skirt length and this was definitely needed – you really dont want to be seeing acres of my thighs. Even with four inches the skirt ends just at my knees – I am 5′ 7″ so that is something to be aware of it you don’t want to go super short!

hepworth back

I totally love this dress – so much that I just started another and will quite possibly make another after that! Has anyone else tried this pattern yet? Which patterns have inspired you to make multiple versions?


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Great dress, love the silhouette and that lilac shade.


    1. mrszandstra says:

      thank you – it is a really good pattern!


  2. sewbusylizzy says:

    I agree it’s a great pattern and very flattering. I’m so pleased you tried it out & fell in love like I did 🙂


    1. mrszandstra says:

      Thankyou! The pattern was very straightforward to make and I love this silhouette – I have already made another which is completely copying your navy blue version!


  3. sewstitches says:

    What a lovely version of the Hepworth dress. Iv been waiting for some inspiration from somewhere and you have just provided it so thankyou! Lilac linen, perfect…. 🙂 x


    1. notsewsimple says:

      Thank you! I love this pattern – I made a dark blue linen one immediately after this and get lots of wear out of both! Tempted to make a print one next!



      1. sewstitches says:

        You really do love it! I’ll look out for your print one 🙂


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