Me Made May 14 – the round up

So that was my first Me Made May! How did I do?

Blue AnnaI pledged the following

1. I will wear me-made items four times a week

2. I will complete three basic items to increase my wearable me-made wardrobe

3. I will blog weekly on how I am doing and what I am learning from the process

And I am really pleased that I more or less achieved all three things!

First challenge – wearing me-made items four times a week turned out to be less of a worry than I feared – I have been sewing up a storm this month so I have had something new to wear pretty much every week as well as the clothes I already had. The repeats weren’t a big surprise to me – my white Archer shirt with a flounce, my blue Archer shirt, my first New Look 6843 skirt – these are all things that I wear regularly. My new Sorbettos are going to be in heavy rotation and I am working on some more woven tops.

white archer 4skirtsorbettoarcherThe Repeats!

Second challenge – creating three basic items. I have totally over-achieved on this one! I think I went into the month ready to do some sewing and kicking it off with a long weekend really helped. So – this month I made two Sinbad and Sailor Hepworth dresses, two Sorbetto tops, two New Look 6843 skirts, a short-sleeved Plantain tee and a Belcarra blouse – phew. I am in the process of making another Belcarra and a Sinbad and Sailor Dove tee and I have a third skirt cut out!

belcarrahepworth2hepworth frontpleat1Some of the new things

Third challenge – blogging weekly. I managed this as well – I found it really useful to round-up each week and document some of the things I was making. I also blogged the Hepworth dress separately (because I was so pleased with it!) and have a couple of other posts to come on other items I have made. Looking back I realised that I had been barely blogging once a month and I want to be more consistent. I have a backlog of things to talk about so i need to make a bit more effort.

So what worked for me? I feel as if this month has really given me a push from having some clothes I made myself towards having a handmade wardrobe. I wasn’t even aware that this was something I wanted, but I found myself wanting to be able to put together complete outfits and feeling really proud of what I have achieved so far. Next year I want to be ready to challenge myself further and have more entirely me-made days. I also started using Instagram – it was great to take quick phone pictures and put them up and get feedback from other people. It was hugely inspiring to see the amazing outfits posted in the #mmmay14 group and I found lots of new blogs to follow.

And what didn’t work so well? I am not great at taking selfies! The days when I didn’t have someone to take a photo were a challenge and there were a couple of days when I didn’t get a picture. I know that the point of the challenge wasn’t the documenting, but I enjoyed participating in the group and there is a real sense of community there – you can follow without posting but it makes more sense to join in.I am also aware of my very limited photo editing skills. I barely managed to get a quick snap from my phone onto instagram and others were posting gorgeous pictures with graphics. I want to know how to do that stuff!

Going forward I am focussing on creating some basics which I can build a wardrobe around. After re-reading the Wardrobe Architect series I think I have a clearer sense of colours and silhouettes that I am going for. I am aware of a looming trouser shaped hole though (and indeed holes in my few existing trousers are making it more pressing…)! I wear jeans a lot at weekends and in summer I wear cropped trousers at work but this is a tricky sewing area for me. I did make some Thurlows last year but they don’t fit me now and the process was very painful so I am a bit reluctant to start again. This is something I will have to deal with if I really want to have a handmade wardrobe!

I am enjoying reading all the other round ups and getting other people’s take on the process. How was May for you? Do you think it has changed your attitude to your me-made wardrobe?


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  1. sewbusylizzy says:

    I love your Hepworth dresses 😉
    I confess I don’t ‘do MMM’ mainly because I already have a large work wardrobe & I don’t see the point in replacing perfectly good clothes. So I guess MMM will just have to wait until my corporate wardrobe wears out!


    1. mrszandstra says:

      Thankyou! It was my first MMM so it has been something new and interesting for me to – I think I want to move towards a wearable me-made wardrobe, rather than just making random clothes. It is largely dissatisfaction with fit of a lot of my RTW which is driving this – I have many things which are either too big or too small or just not right in some other way and I am trying to fill the gaps with sewing instead of buying (for now at least!)


  2. Laurie says:

    Congrats on making it through your first MMM… I did not join in this year. Spent too much time sewing for others and I just don’t have enough. Although I like the way you chose 4 days instead of ALL month! Love the blue dress! And that shirt looks fantastic!


    1. mrszandstra says:

      Thankyou! It was a new thing for me this year as I only started sewing again just after it was over last year – I knew I didn’t have nearly enough items made to commit to every day but I hope next year I can do a bit more. I know what you mean about time – there is never enough with family and work and life!


  3. It was my first me made May too and I really enjoyed it. It really made me realise what suits me (and what doesn’t!) I love your Anna dress and your white sorbetto, it looks so great with sleeves! I also love your white Archer, I’ve got two on my sewing list, I’m tempted to cut one out before I start my next dress as I’m feeling a bit ‘dressed out’ at the moment and need to do something different!


    1. mrszandstra says:

      I love my white Archer so much! I absolutely recommend making one – it’s really good to do something a bit more involved and I think I am most proud of it out of everything I made! Looking forward to seeing your version!


  4. Linda P says:

    Well done on your first completion of MMM. It was my first one too and I thoroughly enjoyed it and was rather sad when it all came to an end. Also, like you, I didn’t realise until a few days in that I wanted to try for much more me made in my wardrobe. Keep going over the next year and your weekly blog posting sounds good. If you love your jeans, how about some me made jeans. I’m going to try with some soft denim as I’m sure regular denim will be a complete headache to work with.


    1. mrszandstra says:


      I have been finding I kind of miss MMM since last week – @jolittletime is setting up a new #memadeeveryday on flickr and instagram if you want to carry it on!

      I am thinking of joining Jeans for June and having a try but I am a bit worried about fit issues. Really tempted by the Jamie jeans but haven’t seen them on anyone who isn’t quite a bit thinner than I am!



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