The Refashioners 2015 #getshirty

doverefashionfront2Hi there – once again I am entering a challenge at the last possible moment!

The Refashioners Challenge has been running since August but I only got started a couple of weeks ago and despite actually finishing this a week ago (which is very organised for me), it has taken several days to get photos and write a post.

I haven’t done a lot of refashioning – I am always amazed by the imagination and creativity of bloggers faced with fairly uninspiring charity shop finds. My first attempt was last summer when I turned an over-sized tunic into a short-sleeved Sorbetto. I have worn that top several times this summer, so I was keen to have another go.doverefashionshirtI found a lilac 100% linen shirt in a local charity shop. This shirt had hardly been worn and the linen was lovely. I felt guilty cutting it up as it was completely wearable so I kindly offered it to Mr Notsewsimple, but luckily lilac isn’t his colour.doverefashionback1I seem to have had a thing about button back tops this summer – I turned Simplicity 1364 into a button back top for the Simplicity Challenge and shortly after that I made a Named Kanerva crop top with a button back. So it probably isn’t surprising that after staring at the shirt for a long time and wondering how to make the best of it, I decided to make the button placket into a back feature!

I based this refashion on Sinbad and Sailor’s Dove tee pattern. I made this last summer (at the same time as my first refashion) and although it has had some wear this year the mystery poly mix fabric hasn’t worn well so I wanted to make a replacement. I used the pattern size 14, but ended up making several changes to squeeze all the pieces onto the shirt fabric.doverefashionfrontpatternI wanted to preserve some of the features of the shirt (and make life easy for myself) so I decided to keep the curved hems back and front as well as use the placket.

Despite playing with fabric layout I couldn’t squeeze the front bodice and the yoke out of the shirt front so I over-lapped the yoke and the pieces for the split back, centred over the closed button placket to make one back piece. At the last minute I realised I would have to raise the back neckline a bit to position a button as close to the top as possible. doverefashionbackpatternI was able to cut the short sleeves out of the sleeves of the original shirt and had enough fabric left to create bias binding for the neckline, omitting the facing.

After working out the cutting all I had to do was sew up the shoulders and side seams and set in the sleeves and I was done!

This is a really straightforward project compared to many of the #getshirty refashions, but I think it makes good use of the shirt fabric and makes a really useful top that I can wear with jeans or with trousers for work.doverefashionback3If you want to see more amazing shirt refashions check out #getshirty and #therefashioners2015 on Instagram.





4 Comments Add yours

  1. coolarama says:

    What a great top! Simple is often best, I love the buttons down the back. I really admire all the refashions, I wouldn’t know where to start!


  2. That turned out really well! Good job getting all the pieces on there! Looks lovely!


    1. notsewsimple says:

      Thankyou – it was a challenge to get it all on but I am pleased with the results!

      Liked by 1 person

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