Shirts of my summer – Deer and Doe Melilot

Deer and Doe MelilotHi there – hope everyone had a good week? I’m slowly getting back into a routine and starting to think about autumn sewing – but before I dig out scarves and jumpers and as long as the sun is still shining, I have a few more summer makes to share!

Way back in May (or possibly slightly earlier..) I made my first Deer and Doe Melilot blouse. This was one of those occasions where as soon as the pattern is launched you know that you want to make as many versions as possible.Deer and Doe MelilotAfter I finished the first one I cut out four more almost immediately and sewed them all up at the same time – I have worn at least one every week this summer – they have been perfect for work with my ultimate trousers or hollyburn skirt and great at weekends with jeans.Deer and Doe Melilot

As I said in my first post here, I cut a size 42 shoulders and bust, grading out to 44 at the waist and 46 hip. I did make a small forward shoulder adjustment this time but I’m not sure if I needed it (I always think I should need this adjustment because I often find shoulder seams slipping back but when I try the adjustment it never quite seems to work for me?) I used bias binding for the hems as I found it quite hard to get a rolled hem around the tight curves in places.

So here are three of the four made – in order of the amount of wear they had this summer – the fourth was white linen and has sadly frayed at the hem and I haven’t yet had the energy to repair it.

First is (maybe?) a Liberty lawn (with printing errors) which I bought at the Rag Market in Birmingham at last year’s Sewbrum – I split a length of this fabric with Helen. It looks like a Liberty print called Susannah but I can’t find any other examples online of this colourway. I really like the khaki shades which are quite anti-floral and this has had lots of wear this summer.Deer and Doe Melilot

Next is a check shirt – I wasn’t absolutely sure whether I would love this fabric or feel a bit Calamity Jane in it… The fabric is ‘A modern twist on gingham’ from Fabworks – it is a lovely fabric with the slightly silky feel of lawn and was only £4 a metre – Fabworks have some great shirt fabrics available online. Deer and Doe Melilot

Finally another Fabworks cotton – a tiny floral print with blue and pink flowers. I didn’t end up loving this quite as much as the others – I think I just don’t love small floral prints on me, no matter how much I like the fabric and colours.Deer and Doe Melilot

I think all of these will work well in the autumn with a cardigan and I have already got some lovely ivory crepe for a long sleeved version – similar to this one I hope!

I found that making multiples worked really well for me this summer with limited sewing time – it didn’t take that much longer to sew four seams than one and after the first version I didn’t have to worry about fitting as I went along. Has anyone else found themselves sewing multiples?


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  1. Thimberlina says:

    I’m thinking I need this pattern in my life! These all look fab and it’s great that you’ve worn them so much 😀


    1. notsewsimple says:

      Obviously I completely recommend it! I like that it is a bit different from the usual boxy style loose top and I find Deer and Doe patterns are really well drafted and have some really nice designs – go for it!


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  2. sally3888 says:

    I like the way that the shirt is not too fitted! I have just had a look at the web site and the pattern is temporarily unavailable! Boo… It’s lovely to see a pattern is different fabrics thank you for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. notsewsimple says:

      I think it’s a really lovely shape – and not a difficult sew. Such a shame it is unavailable just now!


  3. Lynsey says:

    Super shirts, I think they look great and look forward to seeing your long sleeve one, I need a new shirt pattern and I think this one is top of my list.

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    1. notsewsimple says:

      Thankyou! I found it much easier than Sewaholic Granville which I made last year!


      1. Janet says:

        I was just about to ask how they compare… It’s great to see how the same pattern looks in three different fabrics – lots of ideas here that I can steal!

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      2. notsewsimple says:

        Granville is very closely fitted and I had to make quite a few changes. I posted about it last year sometime. This was much easier – less shaping at the back – though I haven’t tried the sleeves yet!

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  4. Wow! It’s always great to find a TNT pattern. I’ll have to check that pattern out myself! You certainly have made some lovely versions here!

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    1. notsewsimple says:

      Thankyou! I really recommend the pattern

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  5. Lynne says:

    Love them all, especially the check version. I’m a big fan of this pattern too, I think it’s the fit – loose, but not tent-like (if that makes sense). That’s a good idea to use bias tape on the hem, I found found folding the hem over to be tricky too.

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    1. notsewsimple says:

      Thankyou – I loved your version too – I have worn these so much this summer and looking forward to long sleeves for autumn!l


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