Paisley in the Park – Named Helmi dress

Named Helmi tunic dressHi there – it’s definitely autumn here now! The clocks have gone back and the days are already so much shorter. Today it was a little grey so the photos aren’t the greatest but at least I remembered to get some before it got dark!

This is the Named Helmi tunic dress, from their latest collection ‘Evolution’. I have a mixed history with Named – I love the designs but they don’t always work for me – my Nascha skirt was a bit of a fail, the Dakota dress was a win – but my first attempt at an Inari was so awful that no photographic evidence exists…Named Helmi tunic dressI love Helmi’s  looser silhouette with the waist seam and A line skirt give some shape – I really want to try some different styles this autumn and this is a cautious first step!

I cut a 40 at the shoulder and bust, based on finished measurements, grading out to 42 at the waist and 46 at the hip (with extra wide seam allowances just in case!) I made a trial run to check out the fit and there was too much fabric at the back so it was looking a little sack-like. Jenny at Needleswift has just made the Helmi tunic and she had solved the problem of excess fabric at the back by adding darts, so I shamelessly copied her and I prefer this extra shaping. You can’t see the darts at all in this extremely busy print – I just pinched out a bit of the excess to work out where the darts should go and it was very unscientific!Named Helmi tunic dressI did struggle with the shoulder and armscye fitting – it is better now but not perfect and I’m not sure what else I would change – I got to a similar place with my Sewaholic Granville shirt last year. After adding some height to the sleeve cap I trimmed back the front bodice armscye about half an inch. I added this width back onto the front sleevehead. I still haven’t cracked sleeve fitting and it is always a challenge for me on closely fitted tops.Named Helmi tunic dressI added the collar from the helmi shirt (which is included with the tunic) and decided not to make the hidden placket. I really like the version which What Katie Sews has made with the placket running right down the front  – maybe next time..

This fabric was purchased from Clothspot about a year ago – I think it is a polyester – but I can’t remember any details now!Named Helmi tunic dressThis is a much crazier print than I would usually wear – I haven’t quite decided yet how I feel about it – I love it in theory with its seventies vibe, but will I actually wear it? Today in #bpsewvember the prompt was ‘red or purple’ and I realised that I have absolutely no red clothes and this is the closest thing I have to purple – maybe I need to embrace more colours?Named Helmi tunic dress

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  1. Excited to see one of these in the wild. Loose silky stuff is my favorite work wardrobe aesthetic, and this is great.

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    1. notsewsimple says:

      Thankyou! I also didn’t find that many online and.its always good to see what problems other people encountered!


  2. Colesworth says:

    I’m a huge fan of both paisley and purple – love this, perfect for autumn ;o)

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    1. notsewsimple says:

      Thankyou I.may give it a wear today

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  3. Lynne says:

    Another fan of Paisley and purple, so I think your dress is brilliant!

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