Easy like Sunday morning.. Grainline Linden

lindenfront2Hi there

I am easing into 2017 with my first ever Grainline Linden tee –  sewn up in one day over the Christmas holidays (and then worn for two days straight…)

I thought that I must be one of the last sewing bloggers ever to sew the Linden – but it seems as if I’m not the only one as Rachel was making her first at the same time!lindenfront1I’m not sure why I waited so long – when the pattern was first released I didn’t rush to buy it as I had made so many Hemlocks, I eventually bought the pattern in November 15 in the Grainline Thanksgiving sale then waited another year to finally print out the PDF and sew it up.

For my first try I used some jersey remnants that I picked up in Abakhan last year (the main thing I miss since moving house is the huge remnants section at Liverpool Abakhan…)  I had two pieces which were only about 60cm long. The grey is a lovely soft cotton jersey with a very fine looped back and the blue may be a poly with a marled colour that closely matches the grey.lindeninsideI’m not absolutely certain which side of the blue is the right side – I actually started to sew it with one side out then changed my mind and went for the other side which has a bit more grey showing.


I went for oversized with View A straight hem. My measurements suggested 8 at the bust grading out to 14 at the hip. I cut a 10 at the neck but graded out to 14 along the raglan sleeve seam (and for the rest of the sleeve) and 16 at the hip. I didn’t alter the length of the body but I did cut about an inch and a half off the sleeve length before adding the cuff.

lindenback1If I was going to make any change I would either lengthen or shorten the body as it ends at the widest point of my hips which is possibly not the most flattering spot.

I used the sleeve band but not the hem band – I sewed the hem with a twin needle instead – I don’t know how clearly you can see it in the picture but I used a blue and grey thread for the twin needle seam – being able to add tiny details like this is one of the many reasons for sewing!lindenseam

So there we are – no surprise – I finally made a Linden and I love it and I will make more!

I have a final end of 2016 project to share very soon and there will be more Grainline coming up shortly as I have the Driftless cardigan, the Farrow dress and more Hemlocks in my 2017makenine.

How did you start your New Year sewing?




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  1. sally3888 says:

    I’ve made a vogue blouse in liberty lawn, just the bottoms left to add

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    1. notsewsimple says:

      Oh I love Liberty lawn – I may have bought some on the sales! Look forward to seeing yours



  2. JaneyB says:

    Happy New Year! I’ve never made a Linden – maybe this year. I love your fabric combination on this one. No garment sewing yet for me yet this year, I’m currently making a patchwork bed runner out of some blue/denim themed offcuts I gathered up during a sewing room tidying session. I don’t need a bed runner but do need some relaxing, therapeutic sewing with no need for fitting, pattern matching etc.!

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    1. notsewsimple says:

      Linden is a really quick make and you don’t need to worry about fitting so perfect for larger jersey pieces! I love the idea of using up scraps – i keep bits in case I need them for pocket linings but my scrap bags are always overflowing!

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  3. It looks great! I started my new year sewing today with a Linder too!! It’s all done except for the waistband. I can’t decide whether to add it or not. Yours looks good without.

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    1. notsewsimple says:

      I prefer without – I have used them sometimes but kept the band as wide as the top itself – I don’t need any gathering right on my hip!

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      1. I agree. I’ve just added an extended one to mine. I must get a photo of it this weekend.


  4. The Linden is on my MakeNine, too. I really like how yours is put together, without the hem band, and the jersey looks so nice. As for my sewing start, halfway through my pajama/lounging outfit!

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    1. notsewsimple says:

      Thankyou – I have been wearing it a lot and plotting my next one! January is the perfect time for a lounging outfit!

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