A Liberty Melilot and Me Made May

libmelfront5Hi there

It has been a bit quiet here for a couple of weeks – there has been sewing but also a certain amount of life getting in the way, rainy Sundays meaning I don’t get out for photos and general laziness.

My latest project is live over at the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network today and you can read more about it here.

I made another Deer and Doe Melilot shirt – I fell in love with this pattern last summer and made several versions – which you can read about here. My Minerva version is in a lovely Liberty cotton lawn, which was delicious to sew with and feels like a perfect print for spring – I’m not usually a floral print kind of person, but I think this colourway feels really fresh.

I am taking part in Me Made May once again – this is my fourth year of taking part! I love being part of this month long celebration of making and wearing your own clothes. I wear handmade clothes most days now so my pledge was simply to try not to wear the same few things over and over again. My regular ‘uniform’ at the moment is pretty much as you see in these photos – cropped trousers and a shirt. I have been pulling out a few older shirts and dresses and trying to vary things a bit, but I find myself coming back to this look every few days….libmelback1So far my resolution is that I will probably just make some more trousers and shirts – after all – if it ain’t broke…


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  1. Colesworth says:

    pretty! Still yet to make my first one of these, should get onto it ;o)

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    1. notsewsimple says:

      Thankyou -I’m a big fan of this pattern (obviously!) it’s quite a quick sew as well

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    2. Janet says:

      What she said ^^! This is such a great shirt – and Liberty lawn is always worth the investment.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. notsewsimple says:

        Thankyou! It is so lovely to sew with and to wear (and reduced just now!)

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  2. renatalaura says:

    All of the clothes you make are chic and lovely!

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