Me Made May made me do it – True Bias Ogden Camis

True Bias Ogden camiHi again

Me Made May already feels like ages ago – I really enjoyed taking part this year – having someone around to take photos made it much easier and I found lots of new people to follow. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I was pretty happy with much of my handmade wardrobe – lots of Deer and Doe Melilot love in my feed – but I did end up wanting to try something new!True Bias Ogden camiAbout half way through the month I realised that I really really wanted to make the True Bias Ogden Cami – I saw so many different versions and I found myself being really drawn to a pattern that I have pretty much ignored so far. I have never really been a camisole wearer – I never know what you are supposed to do about bra straps and worry slightly about sunburnt shoulders when it is really hot. True Bias Ogden camiI found myself ignoring all these very reasonable concerns, downloading the pattern and cutting out a test version. I used some very lovely ivory crepe de chine from Clothspot. I ordered this fabric last year, cut out a long sleeved Melilot and then never got round to sewing it up – I will definitely finish it this autumn because I think it will look amazing in this classic, drapey fabric (and I might buy more…).

I didn’t have quite enough fabric left to cut everything out, so I cut the back lining in two pieces and stitched them together – this has the advantage of meaning that I can easily see which is the back.

I cut a size 10 at the bust, grading out to a 12 at the waist and 14 at the hip. True Bias Ogden camiThis is a really straightforward project – no darts or closures and the fit was pretty good. I made sewing the straps easier on the cream version by folding them together like a piece of bias binding and top stitching rather than turning them inside out. On the cream version I used french seams inside and made a narrow hem on the lining piece as well as on the body. I think this does make the seams a bit more visible from outside so on the blue version I just used my overlocker to finish all the edges.

When I finished the cream version I was cautiously pleased with how it turned out! A cream camisole feels like a wardrobe classic? I think the fit is fractionally too tight at the bust depending on what bra I wear – anything too padded doesn’t work. True Bias Ogden camiShortly after I finished the cream cami I picked up a remnant of this blue and grey viscose print from Ditto Fabrics which was slightly more than a metre and just big enough to squeeze another one out – but not big enough to do a lot of worrying about pattern placement – so please try to unsee the giant star centred on my boob? I added a tiny bit more width at the bust but I don’t think I changed anything else – the blue print version is a better fit overall but somehow the underarm seam has ended up a bit lower and more bra is visible there!True Bias Ogden camiI still haven’t really resolved the bra question – I am wearing a strapless bra in these pictures – but I always find they slip down over the course of a day so I am looking out for a new bra whose straps I don’t mind showing off a bit!

I may try these out at work this week while it is sunny and I will definitely be taking them on holiday later in the summer!

Sometimes its good to try something different… has anyone else been inspired by Me Made May to try something new?




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  1. JaneyB says:

    These both look so beautifully finished and perfect for this weather! I didn’t even notice the boob star till you mentioned it!

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    1. notsewsimple says:

      Thankyou! I didn’t notice the boob star until I looked at the pictures but I am choosing to ignore it!

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  2. Lynsey says:

    Two super versions, they do look so good on. The bra strap issue is a biggie, I think I’m going to try and my super bra straps and attach them to my strapless bra which never stays up.

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    1. notsewsimple says:

      I have never found a strapless bra that works – this one tends to roll down and doesn’t have cups so creates a mono boob which isn’t great! I just went to TK Max and bought two new bras with straps in colours I like!


      1. Janet says:

        I’ve never found a great strapless bra either, sadly. If it stays up, then the underwiring always feels as though it’s stabbing me through the armpit! Your best shot is probably an independent underwear shop with great staff that really know their stock and how to fit. If you find a great one, please share!


  3. Just show your straps! Honestly I’ve never cared about this at all, nothing bad ever happened to anyone just because they saw my bra strap. Gorgeous camis 🙂


    1. notsewsimple says:

      Hello – I dont care at all about anyone seeing my bra straps (they are clean and paid for!) – I just think it can look a bit messy – this is entirely my prejudice!


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