Hey Blue – Closet Case Patterns Kalle


Hi there

I am delighted that not only have I ticked off one the new patterns on my #2018makenine before the end of January, but I’m also really pleased with the result.

I have always been cautious about loose fitting dresses without any waist definition and thought there was a good chance that I would hate how it looked on me, so this felt like a bit of a risk, but thankfully I really like it – with a cardigan and boots this is rapidly becoming my new favourite dress for work!


This is the Closet Case Patterns Kalle shirtdress. I went for the dress length and added three to four inches to the length at both front and back – as drafted the front sits well above the knee and I don’t think anyone wants to see that much of my thighs right now. Next time I might reduce the length of the back to even out front and back a bit more.

Closet Case Patterns Kalle

I cut a size 14 at the shoulder and bust and graded out to a 16 at the hip – the pattern instructions suggest that as there is so much ease at the waist and hip you don’t need to do this but I was feeling cautious – next time I will probably remove some of the extra width – it feels slightly too wide at the hem level right now.

Closet Case Patterns Kalle

The only other adjustment I made was to reduce the height of the collar stand (by about half I think?) I did this on the fly as I was sewing it on – I like the narrow collar stand on my Melilot shirts so I went for a similar height.

I managed to make a complete mess of sewing the yoke by the burrito method – I used a contrasting fabric for the inner yoke and collar stand and my first attempt (after overlocking all the inner seams…) ended with the inner yoke somehow on the outside – much unpicking and crossness…

My fabric is a poly and cotton or viscose mix (I think?) which I bought from Ditto last summer. It looks like lightweight denim but it is much drapier, which works really well for this style. It wasn’t horrible to sew which is often a problem with poly mixed fabrics – it was happy to be pressed at a medium temperature and didn’t fray too much.

Closet Case Patterns Kalle

I finished with some blue buttons – also from Ditto – which matched really well and some bias binding for the hem that I made out of leftover liberty print cotton from yet another Melilot.

I am delighted with Kalle – I have fabric earmarked for at least another two and I also just downloaded the sleeve expansion to make a tunic.

I think my January definitely requires more loose fitting dresses!


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