Crochet time – the Tidal Wave shawl


If you follow me on Instagram – @notsewsimple – then you may know that I started teaching myself to crochet earlier this year. After a couple of months of producing small wonky squares and strips of very dodgy basic stitches, I took a class at my local yarn shop which really helped with the basics such as holding the yarn correctly and my first attempt at a ripple!

tidalwave6I found crochet really easy to pick up – I have never been any good at knitting but crochet has been much more straightforward – though I am still very much at the stage of making basic stitches and avoiding projects with lots of counting …

sublimeyarnSo when Minerva Crafts asked for people to review the Sublime Isla yarn earlier this year I was feeling ready for a new challenge and plunged in with my first attempt at a shawl.

You can read more about how I got on with the yarn and my first time following a crochet pattern over at the Minerva Crafts Blog – here.




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  1. Crochet is delightful so relaxing! Your shawl is gorgeous well done!


    1. notsewsimple says:

      Thankyou – I’m really glad I tried it!

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